• Knowledge Base

    The knowledge base contains helpful documentation, guides on how to setup and configure Workbooks CRM. We recommend all customers to use this for any questions on existing elements in Workbooks

  • Training Videos

    Our series of YouTube videos provide customers an easy entry into standard CRM terminology and basic setup for Workbooks CRM

  • Community Forums

    Before reaching out to any support desk, it is always a good idea to check the community forums for answers on common customer questions. Ask questions, discuss issues with other Workbooks users and the Workbooks team.

Workbooks Online Training Videos


  • Getting started with Workbooks
  • Setting up your email account
  • Creating email templates
  • Setting up your email signature
  • Using your email dropbox link
  • Reporting in Workbooks
  • Create activity reports
  • Create activity dashboard
  • Understanding linked fields
  • The Internal Notes functionality