Calculating the ROI of CRM

Before you even think about calculating the ROI of CRM you need to ensure you understand the desired business outcomes and the improvements you would like to make to your business then work out what needs to change in order to achieve those outcomes.

Once you have the basic justification for your investment in place, you will be in a much stronger position to calculate your ROI – and ultimately reduce the risk of failure to deliver. 

Forrester analysts have written a report, Quantify the Value of CRM, which includes some advice you may find useful. Before you start, you may also want to read recommendations from analyst William Band addressing specific issues when it comes to calculating ROI – all of which will ultimately help you cut costs and boost sales.

But for now, let’s review the key elements you need to consider when calculating the ROI of CRM.

1. Revenue Ambitions


What objectives have you defined in relation to the expectation that your CRM investment will help you to achieve higher revenues? The more specific you can be, in terms of capturing customer spending on different products, working out the potential to increase higher-margin product sales, cutting out obstacles that threaten the continuity of customer relationships or assessing the impact of applying discounts to different customer groups, the more accurate your forecast is likely to be.

Set your target. Imagine that your CRM project will generate five additional sales per month - or 60 per year. If your average sale is worth $1,000, CRM could bring in an extra $60,000. How?

How to integrate your business systems together using Workbooks CRM

For a CRM project to maximize business benefit, there is often a requirement that the CRM system is integrated with other business applications within an organization. These business applications can range from ERP to marketing automation to finance / accounting and much more.integration-blog.png

Workbooks have made the integration process easy by pre-building common record structures, such as Order and Invoice records, Tax structures and accounting periods. This helps simplify integration and reduce integration work / cost. 

In addition, Workbooks provide a wide range of integration tools and approaches, allowing total flexibility today and for the future.

So what are the integration options available to customers and how do they work?



Website and CRM – A match made in heaven.

Put the website at the heart of our customer relationship management strategy. This blog summarizes what was done by and hopefully will inspire you to integrate your website more tightly with your CRM.

Marketing - reduce admin

1. Lead capture & process automation

The blog and knowledge base on Workbooks website offer a large amount of freely accessible content. But in order to support the sales team adequately and give them something tangible to follow up on, they also gate high-value content with Workbooks Web2Lead forms:

Simple Web forms

Try Now button

Used on their Contact Us page or for white paper download.

More advanced Web forms
With business logic and workflows are used for free trial. Once a free trial form has been submitted, a workflow will automatically create a user in Workbooks in order to allow for that person to access our Cloud-based CRM platform and start the trial. This automatically happens on submission of the form.

Workbooks - Scoring above Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zoho & Goldmine

Workbooks is now ranked above Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Sugar, Zoho & Goldmine through impartial review site G2 Crowd.

Workbooks recently commissioned a G2 Crowd report to position our CRM against our leading competitors.

We're immensely proud to find we scored first in every customer satisfaction category and first in 7/8 categories on 'likeliness to recommend.'

New Release - August 2016

We are pleased to announce an update to Workbooks that adds many useful features that you, our customers, have requested.  

Workbooks is being upgraded

PLEASE NOTE: The Workbooks service will be intermittently unavailable between 02:00 am - 04:00 am EST time, on Saturday 13 August 2016. If you log into your database on Saturday, you may get a message informing you that your database is being upgraded. Your database should be available for use within approximately 30 minutes of receiving the message.
The update includes the following:

DLW Flooring selects Workbooks for their Global CRM Rollout

DLW Flooring is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of floor coverings, with worldwide sales offices. For over 130 years, the DLW brand has stood for top-quality, innovative floor coverings which are made in Germany. They are the flooring specialists for building projects in different market areas such as healthcare, education, retail, offices or hotels. They sell through a number of channels, including direct sales force, distributors and agents. 

This global background required a CRM solution that could consolidate all of their data currently spread across multiple systems into a single, easy-to-use database to structure and improve the profiling and segmentation of their customers.

Headquartered in Germany, DLW Flooring have recently selected Workbooks as their preferred CRM platform to roll out to 150 sales people across Europe in over 10 countries. They chose Workbooks over, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. \

The one that got away…..

We all have someone, tucked away, deep within the shadowy cockles of our hearts.  At any given moment, thoughts creep into the forefront of our mind, hitting us staggeringly, like the stagnant refuse of our political landscape.

Perhaps a moment of bliss encapsulates your thoughts at first; fond memories of this foregone relationship that was not to be.  The seemingly endless conversations, steeped in hopes of grandiose plans, nurtured by promises, but tainted with the destiny of failure. wins Best Sales & Marketing CRM Provider 2016 at BESMA are delighted to announce they have won Best Sales & Marketing CRM Provider 2016 in the British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards (BESMA). BESMA is organised by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) – the UK’s largest professional sales body.

John Cheney, CEO of commented: “Effective CRM is key for any business and a system to effectively co-ordinate both sales and marketing is crucial. We are very pleased to have won the award for The Best Sales & Marketing CRM provider. Awards like BESMA secure our belief that we are delivering solutions that our customers really need.”