Website Integration

Website and CRM – A match made in heaven.

Put the website at the heart of our customer relationship management strategy. This blog summarizes what was done by and hopefully will inspire you to integrate your website more tightly with your CRM.

Marketing - reduce admin

1. Lead capture & process automation

The blog and knowledge base on Workbooks website offer a large amount of freely accessible content. But in order to support the sales team adequately and give them something tangible to follow up on, they also gate high-value content with Workbooks Web2Lead forms:

Simple Web forms

Try Now button

Used on their Contact Us page or for white paper download.

More advanced Web forms
With business logic and workflows are used for free trial. Once a free trial form has been submitted, a workflow will automatically create a user in Workbooks in order to allow for that person to access our Cloud-based CRM platform and start the trial. This automatically happens on submission of the form.