Swapping Systems

Workbooks explodes onto GetApps ‘Top 25 CRM ranking’

GetApp owned by Nubera (a Gartner company) run a network of business App sites reaching 2 million users a month.

GetApp - The leading business app discovery platform creates quarterly lists of CRM applications; which are scored using five separate criterias (Reviews, Integrations, Mobile, Media & Security).

This quarter Workbooks has been selected to appear in the list.

Showing above mainstream CRM systems (such as Sage & Microsoft Dynamics). Workbooks proves small CRM systems with unique selling points can still outmaneuver well known (CRM) brands.

“We continue to be confident that we provide our customers with the highest level of service and support. We feel this has been reflected in our recent inclusion on GetApps top CRM list” writes Sam Jefferies (Digital Marketing Executive at Workbooks.com). Continuing with “We hope to continue to work together to serve both our audiences as successfully as possible”.

How easy is it to move CRM systems?

Google the term ‘CRM failure’ and a stack of articles appear: 10 reasons your CRM fails; Why is my CRM implementation not delivering; CRM from hell…the list continues, but in reality: around 63% of CRM systems do fail.

A Nucleus Research survey recently found that 38% of Salesforce customers are planning to move or would consider moving to another product. Yet how many of these ‘considerations’ actually result in a move?

The majority of companies are put-off from moving because they perceive that it will be too hard, too painful and too expensive. But assumption and perception can be very restrictive in a business context  just how much research has truly been done into moving systems and what facts and evidence is this perception based on?

A lot of people perceive that moving CRM systems is simply too difficult and that instead the business will just live with what it's got. Yet in reality this is a step backwards. Why did the organisation invest in CRM in the first place?