Aligning Marketing and Sales for Business Success

Ask someone who has never worked in a sales or marketing department whether or not the two functions tend to be closely aligned, and they will almost certainly tell you that they are and should be. Some might even express surprise that the two are in fact separate entities. Ask anyone who has ever worked in a sales or marketing department, however, and they will tell a very different story.

How To Grow Existing Business Revenues & Keep Your Customers Happy - Using CRM

1. The importance of Customer Success

The more happy your customers feel towards your organisation, the more likely they are to continue buying from you. So how can we ensure your customers aren’t angry red but are happy green?

Revenue growth for happy customers

Using the three pillars of customer success:

  1. Customer Services - ensure you have a good customer service structure with the tools and services to underpin it
  2. Proactive Account Management - having the right tools in place to be proactive in keeping your customers happy
  3. Cross / Up Selling - targeting and selling, growing your footprint in a particular account

5 Ways To Optimize Your Sales Process

Optimizing your sales process is an ongoing challenge, but it is vital to increasing revenue. To help you along on the right path, we’ve put together five top tips for achieving success... 

Introduce a systematic on-boarding programme

Putting together a successful sales team starts with recruiting the right people. While this is the foundation for a winning sales team, equally important is a systematic on-boarding process to ensure a return on your investment, as well as a promising sales pipeline. Nonetheless, it’s believed only 55% of companies have a formal sales training process. 

It is important to focus on training and coaching for a sales team, so they can learn how to sell effectively. Training should include in-depth product knowledge, the competitive landscape, buyer personas and company processes; this will ensure they have the right skills and tools to do their job effectively.

How To Grow Sales Revenues Using CRM - Webinar Takeaways

How To Grow Sales Revenues Using CRM - Webinar Takeaways

Early February, John Cheney - CEO at Workbooks hosted a webinar to discuss and share lessons learnt on growing sales revenues using CRM.

See below a summary of the key takeaways for you. To access a replay of the webinar, click here.

Without a sales process, you are doomed!

If you are lucky enough to run a business whose products just sell themselves - you can stop reading right now and do something more productive.

If however, like me - and the vast majority of the business community - you need sales people to help sell your products and services, then the importance of understanding and defining your sales process cannot be underestimated.

Workbooks Wisdom - April

Workbooks on the go!

In an increasingly mobile world, we know how important it is to be able to capture information and record it in your database quickly and easily when you’re away from your desk. That’s why we’re working on providing you with a fully operational tablet version of Workbooks. Take a sneak peak at the prototype that we’ve put together by watching this video. It’s not the final version but we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s looking good.  Keep an eye on future Words of Wisdom for an update on its availability.

How to Increase CRM Adoption in Sales Teams

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can be a big success factor for consumer-facing companies. But in order to get the most out of a CRM, you need to make sure your employees—especially your sales teams—are using it.

The CRM market has certainly grown in recent years, and is valued at over $18 billion by research firm Gartner. But implementing a CRM system or migrating to a new one is never something you should take for granted. Despite the success of the overall market, CRM initiatives have suffered from failure rates of up to 63 percent. These “fail stats” are admittedly sometimes prone to exaggeration, but their mere existence indicates an alarming weakness in what is still a flawed process.

5 Key Steps to Getting Sales and Marketing on the Same Page

There is often a misalignment of sales and marketing in many organisations. This can result in tension between the teams which can impact the ROI of your lead generation activities.aligning sales and marketing ebook image

Combining marketing automation and CRM can aid with bridging the gap between your sales and marketing departments but there are a number of other considerations you need to make to ensure they are on the same page.

Workbooks CRM Joins the Sales Lead Management Association is pleased to announce that we have become a 2015 Hi-Visibility sponsor for the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA). James Obermayer, SLMA founder, commented: “ is one of the fastest growing providers of web-based customer relationship management (CRM) and business applications.  Its applications are designed for small-to-mid-size organizations and are delivered via Software-as-a-Service.  The company, and its director of sales Ian Moyse, has been a champion for sales lead management best practices and we welcome them into the worldwide SLMA family.” 

Moyse commented: “As a cloud CRM solution, we are inherently in the business of helping customers improve their sales effectiveness and managing all aspects of leads, from creation to tracking and KPI (key performance indicator) reporting. Partnering with SLMA makes total sense as the lead membership organization focused in this area. We are pleased to contribute thought-leading content to the SLMA, and welcome members to take advantage of a free demo or trial of our service to find out why we won CRM of the Year in 2013 and 2014, and are rated #1CRM for customer satisfaction.”

Marketing and Sales Alignment…Why Does It Matter?

By integrating sales and marketing data, both teams can benefit from deeper customer insights - helping everyone become more productive. 
Using Marketing CRM techniques sounds as though it oversteps the traditional boundary between sales and marketing. However, sales and marketing alignment brings benefits to the business as a whole which cannot be ignored.
Here are just a few of those benefits…Improved Data Sharing, Better Understanding of Customers, Enhanced Automation Capabilities