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How To Gain Executive Sponsorship For Your CRM Project

Gaining Executive Sponsorship for your CRM project

presentation.pngYou know you need a CRM system. Most of your colleagues agree with you. But what about the key person in the organization – the person who signs the cheques? Without their buy-in you will struggle to get your project off the ground. 

This buy-in is essential for any investment a company makes, but is especially true for a CRM project which will probably entail not only an investment of time and money, but a commitment to review and improve working practices. This is not an instant process, and enthusiasm can wane.


Keeping Track of A Busy Marketing Team Using CRM – A CMO’s Guide

Your marketing team are all busy working on campaigns, analysing website performance, driving social media activity, managing events – all trying to move the needle on lead generation and build your brand. But how do you keep track of all their activities, ensure they are focused on the right areas, hitting their targets and collaborating as a team?

Answer:  Use your CRM system to create and track activities, events and campaigns and use the data to report on targets.

Activities in detail

A core component of any CRM system is the concept of activities – things that need to be completed by a specific deadline. You can configure activities in many ways to suit your business needs and include as much or as little detail as relevant.

Below is an example of one of my team’s activities:

Top Tips For NFPs Looking To Embrace A Cloud-Based CRM System

Over half of UK charities are looking to address their IT strategies this year: cloud-based CRM software should be considered when adapting to digital


Latest research from Eduserv reveals that 75% of charities in the UK have no IT strategy in place to support digital transformation and so are putting their ability to raise funds, manage members, deliver new services, improve efficiency and control costs at risk.

The survey also revealed that 71% of digital teams cannot do their job without a good relationship with IT; yet 57% described their relationship with IT as average or poor. This divide between IT and digital suggests that there is a failing of legacy server-based products such as Integra and Raiser’s Edge.

Top Tips for Associations and Membership Organisations looking to implement web based CRM

Latest eBook provides practical tips from deciding what web based CRM means to your organisation through to choosing the best supplier.

Many associations and membership organisations are taking a leaf out of the commercial sector’s book and replacing their traditional membership databases with web based CRM systems that can help them manage their donor and partner relationships more productively and efficiently.

However, the same problems and pitfalls of CRM implementation apply whether you are a membership organisation or Enterprise company.

Not for Profits: Managing Your Members Online

Use the right CRM software to look after your members and they’ll look after you.

Chances are you will already use CRM software. Not that you will necessarily call it that. You may use an exotic combination of spreadsheets or databases, you may have a legacy bespoke package or even use dedicated NFP software. Whatever tools you use, the intent will be the same – Relationship Management. And whatever the nature of your organisation, you will need your CRM software to manage, amongst many other things: