Aligning Marketing and Sales for Business Success

Ask someone who has never worked in a sales or marketing department whether or not the two functions tend to be closely aligned, and they will almost certainly tell you that they are and should be. Some might even express surprise that the two are in fact separate entities. Ask anyone who has ever worked in a sales or marketing department, however, and they will tell a very different story.

How To Grow Existing Business Revenues & Keep Your Customers Happy - Using CRM

1. The importance of Customer Success

The more happy your customers feel towards your organisation, the more likely they are to continue buying from you. So how can we ensure your customers aren’t angry red but are happy green?

Revenue growth for happy customers

Using the three pillars of customer success:

  1. Customer Services - ensure you have a good customer service structure with the tools and services to underpin it
  2. Proactive Account Management - having the right tools in place to be proactive in keeping your customers happy
  3. Cross / Up Selling - targeting and selling, growing your footprint in a particular account

Why Build a Business Case for CRM?

You know your organization needs a CRM solution, so why not start the buying process? You know all the benefits it will bring - revenue growth, lower operational costs and enhanced visibility of key business information to inform and improve business decision-making. 

Surely the sooner you get it in place the sooner your organization will start enjoying those benefits, so you should start reviewing vendors straightaway?

The problem is you will be pushing for an investment that is likely to be significant - significant in license and implementation costs, and in the amount of effort required by the organization. Very few Boards are going to simply wave it through; most will want to see a robust business case.

7 Secrets of Highly Effective Salespeople

Everyone knows one of these salespeople. The sort who seems to have some kind of hidden superpowers. They might be selling products that are similar to yours.7-steps-of-effective-salespeople.png

They’re selling to the same people as you – you know because you keep losing sales to them. And it’s not like they’re even better looking or more charming than you. As if that was possible.

Yet somehow, they always seem one step ahead of you. And when they turn up to the industry awards they’re driving a better car than you, and frankly smiling more than you. How are they doing it?

The time has come to stop getting annoyed by them, and to start beating them. It’s not superpowers they have – it’s tools. And here we reveal those tools. We reveal the seven secrets of the highly effective salesperson.

How To Gain Executive Sponsorship For Your CRM Project

Gaining Executive Sponsorship for your CRM project

presentation.pngYou know you need a CRM system. Most of your colleagues agree with you. But what about the key person in the organization – the person who signs the cheques? Without their buy-in you will struggle to get your project off the ground. 

This buy-in is essential for any investment a company makes, but is especially true for a CRM project which will probably entail not only an investment of time and money, but a commitment to review and improve working practices. This is not an instant process, and enthusiasm can wane.