Customer Satisfaction

How To Grow Existing Business Revenues & Keep Your Customers Happy - Using CRM

1. The importance of Customer Success

The more happy your customers feel towards your organisation, the more likely they are to continue buying from you. So how can we ensure your customers aren’t angry red but are happy green?

Revenue growth for happy customers

Using the three pillars of customer success:

  1. Customer Services - ensure you have a good customer service structure with the tools and services to underpin it
  2. Proactive Account Management - having the right tools in place to be proactive in keeping your customers happy
  3. Cross / Up Selling - targeting and selling, growing your footprint in a particular account

Predictions 2017 by John Cheney: CRM at the heart of Customer Experience (CX)

Increasingly consumers and businesses alike are assigning real value to exceptional Customer Experience.  If you have a great experience with a supplier, you develop trust and brand loyalty; if not, you don’t buy more and you’re likely to tell friends and colleagues.  

By 2020, it is predicted that Customer Experience will be the leading brand differentiator when it comes to a buying decision, leaving behind criteria such as product and price. Customer Experience is not the latest hype, it drives revenue growth and is slowly taking centre stage.

CRM still at the heart of great customer experience?

Organizations must change the way they look at their strategy and technology stack. Some people say CRM is no longer cool… Well, I think it is exactly the opposite! CRM truly lies at the heart of a great Customer Experience and is the only source of a competitive advantage. But yes, the perception of what CRM is and the CRM vendors landscape will evolve. And the pace of change will accelerate in 2017.


DLW Flooring selects Workbooks for their Global CRM Rollout

DLW Flooring is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of floor coverings, with worldwide sales offices. For over 130 years, the DLW brand has stood for top-quality, innovative floor coverings which are made in Germany. They are the flooring specialists for building projects in different market areas such as healthcare, education, retail, offices or hotels. They sell through a number of channels, including direct sales force, distributors and agents. 

This global background required a CRM solution that could consolidate all of their data currently spread across multiple systems into a single, easy-to-use database to structure and improve the profiling and segmentation of their customers.

Headquartered in Germany, DLW Flooring have recently selected Workbooks as their preferred CRM platform to roll out to 150 sales people across Europe in over 10 countries. They chose Workbooks over, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. \

The one that got away…..

We all have someone, tucked away, deep within the shadowy cockles of our hearts.  At any given moment, thoughts creep into the forefront of our mind, hitting us staggeringly, like the stagnant refuse of our political landscape.

Perhaps a moment of bliss encapsulates your thoughts at first; fond memories of this foregone relationship that was not to be.  The seemingly endless conversations, steeped in hopes of grandiose plans, nurtured by promises, but tainted with the destiny of failure. 

Workbooks Wisdom - March

How to link with over 500 apps

Workbooks is now running BETA on, allowing rapid links from to over 500 apps (including Google Sheets, Trello, Gmail and Mailchimp). 
We recommend starting with GoToMeeting, Eventbrite and JIRA. 
Interested? Please email for a BETA invite.


Giving yourself space to work

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through the information in a rich text field and wishing it was easier to see? 

How to Explode Your Email Marketing ROI With Your CRM

With unsubscribe rates increasing, open rates decreasing and our inboxes being filled with more and more noise (source - how can you stand out in a crowd of offers, free trials and the promises of grand riches from millionaire princes? Tweet: How to dramatically increase your email marketing ROI with a CRM system.

More to the point, what does this have to do with your CRM?This could be you! If only you'd replied to the "millionaires" email with your credit card details, NI number & mothers maiden name!

With multiple technological advancements in CRM systems, there are now multiple strategies you can implement for explosive growth in your email marketing ROI.

This could be you! If only you'd replied to the "millionaires" email with your credit card details, NI number & mothers maiden name!

Strategies include:

  1. Boost ROI with upselling and cross-selling
  2. Set-up automatic event-based emails
  3. Benchmark campaign performance
  4. Reduce your email marketing spend
  5. Speed up with a direct integration

Workbooks Wisdom - February

Skyrocket your Sales Team's Performance

In Sales, having a great set of KPIs can make a massive difference. However with so much information available inside your CRM, it can be difficult to know where to start.

So we've done the hard work for you with our recent blog post - 6 CRM Reports to Skyrocket your Sales Team.

Putting Colors on Targets

Using Colors to see at a glance what's doing well and what areas require more focus can really add value to the way you work. Have a look at your reports and try it out. 

How to Skyrocket your Sales Team's Performance Using these 6 CRM Reports - Today!

How you can vastly improve your sales teams performance with six underutilised CRM reports 

You’re responsible for hitting the company sales target, you lead the sales team, you need to deliver success. All good sales leaders know that tracking the right KPIs can make the difference between success and failure.

So what should you be tracking? and what insight can it provide? There are lots of different metrics you should be measuring inside your CRM system, but here we have focused on 6 that every sales leader should have:

  1. How much have you sold already?    

  2. How is your pipeline looking for this quarter?    

  3. How successful are your sales reps at winning opportunities?

  4. How does your Pipeline look for next quarter?    

  5. Are Marketing delivering enough leads?

  6. Which clients have you lost recently?

SelectHub Selects Workbooks CRM as A Top CRM Software Provider

SelectHub (formed in 2013) created by Venkat Devraj provides a platform for buyers and vendors to rapidly evaluate software.

SelectHub has ranked Workbooks as a top CRM software provider

Workbooks continues to outclass it’s bigger competitors, showing well above mainstream CRM systems such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Sage and Netsuite.

‘We continue to be confident that we provide our customers with the highest level of service and support. We feel this has been reflected in our recent inclusion in SelectHub’s top CRM list’ writes Sam Jefferies (Digital Marketing Executive at Continuing with ‘We hope to continue to work together to serve both our audiences as successfully as possible’.

Top Tips For NFPs Looking To Embrace A Cloud-Based CRM System

Over half of UK charities are looking to address their IT strategies this year: cloud-based CRM software should be considered when adapting to digital


Latest research from Eduserv reveals that 75% of charities in the UK have no IT strategy in place to support digital transformation and so are putting their ability to raise funds, manage members, deliver new services, improve efficiency and control costs at risk.

The survey also revealed that 71% of digital teams cannot do their job without a good relationship with IT; yet 57% described their relationship with IT as average or poor. This divide between IT and digital suggests that there is a failing of legacy server-based products such as Integra and Raiser’s Edge.