Customer Engagement

Predictions 2017 by John Cheney: CRM at the heart of Customer Experience (CX)

Increasingly consumers and businesses alike are assigning real value to exceptional Customer Experience.  If you have a great experience with a supplier, you develop trust and brand loyalty; if not, you don’t buy more and you’re likely to tell friends and colleagues.  

By 2020, it is predicted that Customer Experience will be the leading brand differentiator when it comes to a buying decision, leaving behind criteria such as product and price. Customer Experience is not the latest hype, it drives revenue growth and is slowly taking centre stage.

CRM still at the heart of great customer experience?

Organizations must change the way they look at their strategy and technology stack. Some people say CRM is no longer cool… Well, I think it is exactly the opposite! CRM truly lies at the heart of a great Customer Experience and is the only source of a competitive advantage. But yes, the perception of what CRM is and the CRM vendors landscape will evolve. And the pace of change will accelerate in 2017.


Choosing The Right CRM Partner - 10 Questions To Ask

Like most technology investments, picking the right software provider will have a major impact on the success (or failure) of your CRM implementation. 


The CRM software market is mature, so whether you are considering using Workbooks or one of our competitors such as or Microsoft Dynamics, you will find that most solutions provide a rich set of features. To truly differentiate them, you will need to look beyond the product features.

At the same time, CRM is about more than just technology. It is about culture change, process development and people empowerment, and so the way that your software partner works with you is at least as important as the product functionality it offers. 

Here then are ten questions to ask yourself to make sure you pick the right CRM software provider for your business.

Why Customer Engagement is YOUR Responsibility

The relationship between buyers and sellers is key to growing your business. Here’s how to avoid making costly mistakes...

Many businesses underestimate the true value behind CRMs and their power to drive sales. If you don’t have a CRM in place, consider this: a study from Wharton professor Peter Fader examined thousands of buyers over the course of several years in an effort to see how relationships between buyers and sellers evolve. They concluded that buyers fall into one of these three categories: