CRM Implementation

Automate Your Way to Profitability: 5 Things You'll Never Have to Do Again Once You Have CRM

Precious time saved automating your sales and customer relations is time that can be spent winning new, more profitable business. 

There’s certainly no shortage of compelling reasons to adopt CRM. The headline benefits of a well specified and well deployed CRM system are clear for all to see.

7 Steps To A Smooth CRM Implementation

Take the fear out of CRM implementation by following these basic steps and choosing a partner who understands your business needs

If you’ve got as far as thinking about CRM implementation, the chances are you’re already feeling overwhelmed by the number and range of CRM platforms out there. And it’s probably left you with some deep concerns about complexity, not to mention doubts about how quickly you might be able to realise a return on your investment.

Deploying CRM, one step at a time

When deploying a CRM system, many organisations enter into the project with unrealistic expectations. In a world of plug and play technology, businesses appear to have forgotten that CRM is simply not a system that you can just switch on. It requires planning, change management and the investment of energy, time and money.

CRM is a critical business system: it can transform performance – increasing conversions, reducing costs and enabling exceptional customer engagement. Given its strategic importance, why would any business assume CRM can be achieved without serious consideration and management?

Improving User Adoption of your CRM

Once a CRM system is implemented, the adoption of the system can quickly become a concern and the most common challenge is to overcome initial resistance people may have towards the system, and then to educate and encourage employees to use it. User adoption is important because a CRM system without the user buy-in will have significantly less value to the business. What is the point of investing in a system that nobody uses? Think of all the reasons you spent time and money implementing a CRM system in the first place: