Evaluate the ROI of a CRM implementation with Workbooks online calculator

Return on investment (ROI) is not a difficult concept to understand in its most basic form. When you invest money into something, you want to get back what you invested and hopefully make money off of it too.

But for many calculating the ROI of a CRM implementation can be a frustrating exercise. In order to reduce this frustration, Workbooks has created an ROI calculator that lets you explore for yourself at a high level, some of the financial benefits you can expect from implementing CRM, providing you with a starting point to focus the minds and drive expectations. 

Introducing the ROI Calculator


We originally created the ROI calculator as a spreadsheet model after customers reached out to us for help in obtaining final sign-off for their CRM initiative. After the spreadsheet became popular we decided to create an interactive online version, which has the benefit of being faster and more user-friendly. Yes it is high level and we would encourage you to still dig deeper into the details but it is a good tool to start putting some initial numbers behind the initiative.

The ROI calculator works by scoring yourself out of ten on three criteria, which is used to compute against your total sales to provide a projected financial benefit of a CRM implementation. The financial figure is broken down across new business, existing business and sales management whilst also showing the full workings behind the calculation.

Interested in running the numbers? Click on the following link:  Access The CRM Calculator

7 Secrets of Highly Effective Salespeople

Everyone knows one of these salespeople. The sort who seems to have some kind of hidden superpowers. They might be selling products that are similar to yours.7-steps-of-effective-salespeople.png

They’re selling to the same people as you – you know because you keep losing sales to them. And it’s not like they’re even better looking or more charming than you. As if that was possible.

Yet somehow, they always seem one step ahead of you. And when they turn up to the industry awards they’re driving a better car than you, and frankly smiling more than you. How are they doing it?

The time has come to stop getting annoyed by them, and to start beating them. It’s not superpowers they have – it’s tools. And here we reveal those tools. We reveal the seven secrets of the highly effective salesperson.

Top reason why you don't need "crm software" - right now

A lot of businesses are looking for the right CRM software to run their business.

“So Bob, tell me what brought you to the realization that you need new software,” I will ask.

Some typical responses:

Predictions 2017 by John Cheney: CRM at the heart of Customer Experience (CX)

Increasingly consumers and businesses alike are assigning real value to exceptional Customer Experience.  If you have a great experience with a supplier, you develop trust and brand loyalty; if not, you don’t buy more and you’re likely to tell friends and colleagues.  

By 2020, it is predicted that Customer Experience will be the leading brand differentiator when it comes to a buying decision, leaving behind criteria such as product and price. Customer Experience is not the latest hype, it drives revenue growth and is slowly taking centre stage.

CRM still at the heart of great customer experience?

Organizations must change the way they look at their strategy and technology stack. Some people say CRM is no longer cool… Well, I think it is exactly the opposite! CRM truly lies at the heart of a great Customer Experience and is the only source of a competitive advantage. But yes, the perception of what CRM is and the CRM vendors landscape will evolve. And the pace of change will accelerate in 2017.


A Christmas Carol CRM

“Ebenezer Scrooge.” whispered Marley’s Ghost as he watched the figure hunched over his desk through the AR (Augmented Reality) console.  Things were certainly different in the afterlife, or at least was Marley’s. Bound to chains, the only solace being efficiencies developed by his team - it was almost fully automated and the communication was seamless between different parts of the afterlife.

Choosing The Right CRM Partner - 10 Questions To Ask

Like most technology investments, picking the right software provider will have a major impact on the success (or failure) of your CRM implementation. 


The CRM software market is mature, so whether you are considering using Workbooks or one of our competitors such as or Microsoft Dynamics, you will find that most solutions provide a rich set of features. To truly differentiate them, you will need to look beyond the product features.

At the same time, CRM is about more than just technology. It is about culture change, process development and people empowerment, and so the way that your software partner works with you is at least as important as the product functionality it offers. 

Here then are ten questions to ask yourself to make sure you pick the right CRM software provider for your business.

How To Gain Executive Sponsorship For Your CRM Project

Gaining Executive Sponsorship for your CRM project

presentation.pngYou know you need a CRM system. Most of your colleagues agree with you. But what about the key person in the organization – the person who signs the cheques? Without their buy-in you will struggle to get your project off the ground. 

This buy-in is essential for any investment a company makes, but is especially true for a CRM project which will probably entail not only an investment of time and money, but a commitment to review and improve working practices. This is not an instant process, and enthusiasm can wane.


Website and CRM – A match made in heaven.

Put the website at the heart of our customer relationship management strategy. This blog summarizes what was done by and hopefully will inspire you to integrate your website more tightly with your CRM.

Marketing - reduce admin

1. Lead capture & process automation

The blog and knowledge base on Workbooks website offer a large amount of freely accessible content. But in order to support the sales team adequately and give them something tangible to follow up on, they also gate high-value content with Workbooks Web2Lead forms:

Simple Web forms

Try Now button

Used on their Contact Us page or for white paper download.

More advanced Web forms
With business logic and workflows are used for free trial. Once a free trial form has been submitted, a workflow will automatically create a user in Workbooks in order to allow for that person to access our Cloud-based CRM platform and start the trial. This automatically happens on submission of the form.

Skin to Win, Baby…...

In this article, I’m going to talk about ‘skinning’ an existing platform with your own User Interface in order to achieve a business requirement to fit your very specific needs.

Marketing ROI - Understand Your True Profit Margin

Adopting a fully integrated web analytics and CRM approach, is the only way organizations can truly understand Marketing ROI.

marketing roi

The overall objective here is to easily understand what’s working and what isn’t, so that marketers can better allocate marketing budget towards those keywords, channels and platforms that achieve a more realistic and useful Key Performance Indicator.
  • Is the number of web leads a good KPI to work from?
  • Is the number of qualified opportunities and ultimately sales revenue a more helpful measurement?