Workbooks Wisdom - March

At Workbooks, we believe that sharing knowledge is crucial to success, and we want you to enjoy using our software to enable you to complete your day-to-day role with ease. Workbooks Wisdom is here to save the day bringing you monthly tips and tricks to enable you to do just that. See below for March's tips.

Accounting Periods

With the end of the financial year coming up, have you got your Workbooks accounting periods ready for 2015/16? You won’t be able to create new accounting documents without them! So it’s well worth checking that they’re set up in Configuration - for more information click here.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Smaller sized businesses (SMBs) are following in enterprise-sized businesses footsteps and are reaping the rewards for adopting marketing automation technologies.

In today’s financial climate, SMB owners are highly focused on the ROI they are getting from their marketing. Newer technology advances are allowing this to become possible. And those adjusting quickly are reaping the rewards.

How Does a Lead Become Revenue?

Where does a lead come from? Marketing creates campaigns that generate interest with an audience. This ‘Demand Generation’ often comes in the form of engaging content, which can come from various marketing sources e.g. email campaigns, your website or events.

How Aligned Sales and Marketing

“We generate leads, but sales do not follow them up!”

“Marketing gives us leads that are not qualified!”

Sound familiar? We too experienced this misalignment of sales and marketing and decided to investigate. We arranged a sales and marketing meeting and analysed our sales calls. We found that when sales were following up on the leads that marketing provided they would often hear ‘we are not ready’ or ‘we don’t have budget’. These leads were often ruled out as poor quality, however they may have been legitimate buyers but they were just not ‘sales ready’.

The answer turned out to be a simple one; we integrated a marketing automation tool with our CRM. This enabled us to: Deliver relevant content, Nurture our leads, Get a holistic view of our leads, Analyse analytics, Determine campaign ROI, Score and grade our leads and Save time and overheads

Automate Your Way to Profitability: 5 Things You'll Never Have to Do Again Once You Have CRM

Precious time saved automating your sales and customer relations is time that can be spent winning new, more profitable business. 

There’s certainly no shortage of compelling reasons to adopt CRM. The headline benefits of a well specified and well deployed CRM system are clear for all to see.

20% improved efficiency: Business automation increases profitability

Have you ever considered how much time it takes your marketing team to collect and allocate leads? Or how long your sales reps spend creating bespoke customer quotes? Can you currently automatically capture customer support enquiries via your website and instantly allocate the case to the correct person or user group within your CRM? What’s more could your month end invoicing run be reduced from a 7 day process to a half an hour job?

Automating Customer Support – 5 Tools You Need

Put the customer at the heart of your business processes and reap the rewards of greater efficiency.

Putting the focus of your business processes back on the customer should be the driving force behind any CRM implementation. The ability to automate customer service by using the comprehensive toolset of a Cloud CRM system such as Workbooks delivers benefits for businesses that could only be dreamed of a decade ago.

A Match Made in Heaven Marry Your CRM and Your Marketing Automation Software

Sales and Marketing were named the ‘New Power Couple’ in an Aberdeen Group report. Marketing automation is transforming how marketing teams work. They aren’t just generating, scoring, nurturing and preparing sales-ready leads. They are also now integrating these with CRM to deliver better sales and marketing alignment.