Website and CRM – A match made in heaven.

Put the website at the heart of our customer relationship management strategy. This blog summarizes what was done by and hopefully will inspire you to integrate your website more tightly with your CRM.

Marketing - reduce admin

1. Lead capture & process automation

The blog and knowledge base on Workbooks website offer a large amount of freely accessible content. But in order to support the sales team adequately and give them something tangible to follow up on, they also gate high-value content with Workbooks Web2Lead forms:

Simple Web forms

Try Now button

Used on their Contact Us page or for white paper download.

More advanced Web forms
With business logic and workflows are used for free trial. Once a free trial form has been submitted, a workflow will automatically create a user in Workbooks in order to allow for that person to access our Cloud-based CRM platform and start the trial. This automatically happens on submission of the form.

Marketing ROI - Understand Your True Profit Margin

Adopting a fully integrated web analytics and CRM approach, is the only way organizations can truly understand Marketing ROI.

marketing roi

The overall objective here is to easily understand what’s working and what isn’t, so that marketers can better allocate marketing budget towards those keywords, channels and platforms that achieve a more realistic and useful Key Performance Indicator.
  • Is the number of web leads a good KPI to work from?
  • Is the number of qualified opportunities and ultimately sales revenue a more helpful measurement?

Measuring the Value of Google Adwords with a Web-Based CRM System

An effective web-based CRM system can help determine the quality of leads generated by a Google Adwords campaign.

Google Adwords is clearly one of the world’s leading advertising media, offering enormous potential for a more level playing field between SMEs and larger competitors. It is therefore a real shame that many firms are still struggling to quantify the benefits. Getting lead generation right is a fundamental component of the marketing activity. And, for marketers under increasing pressure to prove ROI, Google Adwords is compelling, with its analytics, tips and tricks for optimisation and refinement. But lead generation is not sales.

Marketers need to scrutinise in detail the quality of leads generated by the Adwords campaign and assess their worth against a number of criteria, such as:

What is Closed-Loop Marketing?

There are 4 steps to closed-loop marketing:

  • Visitor arrives on your site
  • Visitor browses your site
  • Visitor converts into a lead
  • Lead becomes customer.

Let’s look into each of these steps in more detail.

How Aligned Sales and Marketing

“We generate leads, but sales do not follow them up!”

“Marketing gives us leads that are not qualified!”

Sound familiar? We too experienced this misalignment of sales and marketing and decided to investigate. We arranged a sales and marketing meeting and analysed our sales calls. We found that when sales were following up on the leads that marketing provided they would often hear ‘we are not ready’ or ‘we don’t have budget’. These leads were often ruled out as poor quality, however they may have been legitimate buyers but they were just not ‘sales ready’.

The answer turned out to be a simple one; we integrated a marketing automation tool with our CRM. This enabled us to: Deliver relevant content, Nurture our leads, Get a holistic view of our leads, Analyse analytics, Determine campaign ROI, Score and grade our leads and Save time and overheads

Use Workbooks CRM to Reduce Your Internet Marketing CPC Spend

The common (and expensive) mistakes and how to use Workbooks CRM to reduce your internet marketing CPC spend...

CRM Software: The complete guide - benefits, advice & providers

Discover: What is CRM Software?; What are the benefits of CRM Software? ; How did CRM systems originate?; How can we ensure a successful implementation? and much more!fair-dial

Darrell Rigby, Frederick F. Reichheld & Phil Schefter suggest: "CRM aligns business processes with customer strategies to build customer loyalty and increase profits over time." (Harvard Business Review 2002).

In practice customer relationship management (CRM) software is a tool used to better manage interactions between a company, its customers, suppliers and leads

Tracking the success of your online marketing with Workbooks CRM

The combination of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Pay Per Click advertising has made online marketing one of the most effective ways for small and medium-sized business to build a brand and generate new sales leads.

Increasingly, online marketers use Google Analytics to track their performance. Google Analytics gives you great insight into your websites traffic volumes and the sources of that traffic, but it does not help you understand if that traffic converts into real business.