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Ask someone who has never worked in a sales or marketing department whether or not the two functions tend to be closely aligned, and they will almost certainly tell you that they are and should be. Some might even express surprise that the two are in fact separate entities. Ask anyone who has ever worked in a sales or marketing department, however, and they will tell a very different story.

Aligning-Marketing-and-Sales-Thumbnail.pngSalespeople and marketers all aim to increase revenue but they take different approaches to it, use different languages, and measure success in different ways. The end result, unless companies actively seek to align the two functions, is a major disconnect with negative effects on the business.

A 2015 survey from Gleanster found that of organizations lacking this alignment just 37% reach revenue goals and a mere 7% exceed them. This compares to 56% and 19% for aligned organizations. According to Sirius Decisions, aligned organizations achieve up to 19%...

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CRM is not a piece of software you can simply buy, plug in, and watch while it transforms your business for the better.

Manage it well and it will radically improve your business; boosting revenues, improving the quality of service and customer experience, lowering operational costs, and enhancing the visibility of key business information to inform and improve business decision-making. However, it will only bring those benefits if it is managed well.

Central to this effective management is recognizing that it is more than a technology solution that you can plug in and leave to work its magic.

Think of it instead as a platform that enables change. In fact, CRM has far less in common with a piece of software than it does with an organization-wide program of change management. View it in that way and it is likely to be a success, and that begins with addressing the four Ps of CRM implementation: plan, processes, people and partner.

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Post date: Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 8:35am

cut-procrastination-big.pngHitting the ‘go’ button on a new CRM implementation is a big decision. It involves a significant investment of money and time, it will probably involve reorganizing parts of your company, and it will have a deep and lasting effect on many people.

You know of course that the deep and lasting effect will be a positive one. You’ve spent time looking into the specific improvements CRM could make to your organization, you’ve assessed vendors and identified the one that’s right for you, and you’ve done the ROI calculation. It all adds up. You want to do it. But for some reason, you can’t quite bring yourself to hit that ‘go’ button.

You’ve entered the procrastination zone.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone there - far from it! Many of the businesses that start evaluating CRM projects don’t end up buying one, and whilst this is sometimes because they discover very good reasons not...

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A vital, but often overlooked, step in any CRM project is calculating expected return on investment (ROI). Doing this successfully will ensure your implementation is aligned to specific business requirements so that all involved have clear and realistic expectations. It also allows you to allocate an appropriate budget and then check periodically to ensure you are achieving the expected return. Skipping this vital step is a key reason for CRM failure. So where do you start?

Know what you want

In simple terms, it involves gaining an understanding of the outcomes you want to achieve and the level of investment needed to achieve those outcomes. In broad terms there are four types of outcome that result from CRM:

  1. Revenue growth
  2. Enhanced customer service - leading to improved customer retention
  3. Streamlined business processes - delivering lower costs or greater efficiencies
  4. Improved management of information - allowing for better decision-making.
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Post date: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 9:16am