Selection and Implementation Process


Step One – Identify your project team​​​
To ensure the successful implementation of any business application you will need the support of your employees. Improving processes nearly always involves changing the way people work and it’s not uncommon for some staff members to resist this change.

We recommend establishing a project team to manage and support the implementation, drawn from a mix of managers and users. The project team should have a good understanding of the business processes in use today, and an awareness of any limitations. They should be prepared to suggest improvements where necessary, and will ultimately define the success criteria for the roll-out of your CRM. By working in this fashion, you will have 'buy-in' from all business units, thus enabling you to have a more successful roll-out of your CRM Solution.

Step Two – Define your requirements and map your business processes.
Once your project team is in place, you are now prepared to create or enhance business processes and procedures that will enable your business to scale with ease.

A review of the following business areas will assist in moving your mapping forward:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Sales Operations/Finance
  • Customer Service

Step Three - CRM Configuration
Once you have your workflow designed and agreed upon, it is now time to configure your CRM.  We'll create the custom fields, email templates, and workflow automation rules that will meet these requirements.  Additionally, we will create data views, user dashboards, and the permissions you need for your users to make sure they all have a clear vision of the information they need quickly and easily.

Step Four – Data Migration
After your CRM is properly configured, we will take your current Data and import it into  your new CRM so that you can dive right in without any hiccups in your business.

Step Five – User Training
After everything is properly set up, we'll spend time with you and your team to make sure that you are fully up and running.  If you have worked with us throughout the whole implementation process, we'll provide you with a customized user handbook that is specific to your business workflows within the CRM system.

Step Six – Go Live
Once training is complete, you are ready to start using your new CRM.  We'll make sure there are some specialists available to answer any urgent questions.  We'll also set up some continued training sessions with your staff as they develop questions and want to learn more about best practices.