CRM Implementation Options

Type QuickStart Shared Success Guaranteed Success
Price $ $$ $$$
Pre-requisites Online Video Tutorials

Online Video Tutorials

High level scoping by the Consultant to 'size' the implementation work.

Online Video Tutorials

Detailed scoping by the Consultant to determine the outcomes and the price.

You Purchase Quickstart days A number of consultancy days

An initial scoping fee.

A fixed number of consulting days.

Fixed Price? No No Yes

You lead the implementation
(e.g. undertake most of the configuration work, prepare and import your data) and you only use the Workbooks Consultants for some elements of the project - typically design reviews or more complex areas of system setup.


We create a combined project team, involving Workbooks Consultants and your staff, to deliver a successful outcome We set a fixed price for the project having agreed on the objectives and after a detailed scope of the work that will be required to meet the objectives. This will be more expensive than a Shared Success model because Workbooks carries the financial risk.
Good for: Simple implementations, where you want to keep costs low but still have access to our technical expertise, advice and guidance. Larger projects and projects where you want to reduce the cost of implementation by undertaking some of the work yourself. Customers who want a fixed price and are prepared to invest management time to clearly define the business goals in order to scope the implementation.
Not good for: Complex projects. Customers with stretched resources. Small projects.