Workbooks Wisdom - March

At Workbooks, we believe that sharing knowledge is crucial to success, and we want you to enjoy using our software to enable you to complete your day-to-day role with ease. Workbooks Wisdom is here to save the day bringing you monthly tips and tricks to enable you to do just that. See below for March's tips.

Accounting Periods

With the end of the financial year coming up, have you got your Workbooks accounting periods ready for 2015/16? You won’t be able to create new accounting documents without them! So it’s well worth checking that they’re set up in Configuration - for more information click here.

MailChimp Integration

Design eye-catching emails in MailChimp to send to your Workbooks Campaign members with our MailChimp integration. The key marketing metrics such as opens, clicks, hard bounces and unsubscribes are seamlessly synchronised from MailChimp to Workbooks. Not only does this save you time by avoiding manual data tasks but it enables you to track the ROI from your marketing campaigns and improve on their performance.


Don’t miss an important activity. Remind yourself by making use of our Reminder checkbox - that way you will receive a notification at the time specified with a convenient link straight to the record. Note that reminders are set for yourself, not the user the record is assigned to. Click here for more.

Marketing Automation for small businesses

Smaller sized businesses (SMBs) are reaping the rewards for adopting marketing automation technologies. SMB owners are highly focused on the ROI they are getting from their marketing. Newer technology advances are allowing this to become possible. Find out more.

Remember, you can find more useful information about all of the Workbooks features on workbooks Knowledge Base.

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