Business Benefits of using Lucid Switch

Are You a Pirate or a Captain?

The Pirate

A pirate has been around for a while, and may have survived on wits alone.  However, a pirate never has time to pursue the things that make him truly happy, like studying the stars, or experimenting with new rum recipes.  A pirate is losing money because he has not mapped out a working process. A pirate’s prisoners (customers) keep escaping the brig, due to inefficient systems and poor response time.  New treasure is hard to come by, and when a pirate learns of it, lack of speedy follow-up causes the treasure to fall through his fingers.  Pirates also don’t understand how to attract new bounty using social media, and their First Mates jump ship when they are told to patch up the holes in the ship rather than upgrade to a new vessel. 


The Captain

Captains have developed a plan and a process for running their ship.  By recognizing the gaps that exist in making their business as efficient as possible, they can find solutions that will help them make life easier for themselves as well as their dedicated crew.  Captains assure that their passengers (clients) have an itinerary in front of them, and communicate effectively, keeping them happy and eager to come back for another voyage.  Captains allow their Mates to advise them on matters Mates know best in order to allow Captains to adhere to what they know best – sailing the seas.  Captains understand how to promote the happiness of their passengers in order to attract more.  Captains use all the tools at their disposal to save time and raise profits, rather than getting bogged down in stormy weather.